Jan. 2nd, 2014 12:35 am
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Potential new Sherlock episode freakout later.

Need to rewatch before I can screech at the internet.

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Or rather I rewatched and she saw it for the first time, miraculously having avoided most plot spoilers.

She figured out most of the stuff (like the drugging happening at the Hollow) as we were going along and I had to smack her with my blanket to get her to stop Sherlocking at the episode as we were watching. Sob, dammit Rui.

On another note, off to AM2 today! See you lot on Monday. o/
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Rewatched Reichenbach Falls.

Remembered that I actually hate everything forever.

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Oh God, it's been WAY too long since the last time music made me this emotional. Asdflkjh, I got shivers through my body and I started grinning so hard. Oh beautiful music, I missed you! ♥
ohsweetcrepes: Heart stuck in my throat and pounding away (The most emotionally invested)
I just read 3 fics in a row that are WIPs and are in VERY NOT GOOD PLACES right now AUGH I hate everything.


Edit: Wait, no, make that 4 WIPs. Hate.
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Just got the email saying that my Sherlock soundtrack CD is getting shipped to me right now. Immediately downloaded the soundtrack online cuz hell if I'm waiting until February 6th to get my Sherlock music fix.

John's theme is still giving me feelings, the bastard. Those seven notes make its way into practically every piece and I wibble. I don't want these feelings. :(

Second season's soundtrack is coming out late February. Can't wait, Irene's theme promises to be baller.

In more sobering news, school is screwing me over and I'm currently stuck in academic limbo. I would say "same old story" but this time, it's actually throwing in a couple curveballs that I was not expecting. Well played, CSUN, you utter cock.
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HI, THIS IS NIN, I might as well post on here too. And of course it'd be about Sherlock. :x

I'm still not quite ready to talk in detail about my thoughts on last night episode just yet. I can say that it was amazing and the director surprised me with how tight it all was. I'm trying my hardest to repress all memories of ~certain parts~ lest I start crying in the streets, but it was a bloody good episode.

And in honor of my broken heart, I have essentially chopped off most of my hair.

Wow, I never noticed actually how long it was until now )

I'd post a picture of me now that my hair's freshly cut, but my bro's iTouch has a shit camera and I can't find a good digital one currently. Will prob wait until it gets properly cut/styled before I take a pic.

But seriously, guys.

John. ;;