Dec. 7th, 2013

ohsweetcrepes: I don't want these feelings (Everything will end in :( before dinner)
If you follow me on plurk, you'll know that I've had at least 3 kitchen encounters where I try to make a certain meal and inevitably fail because how the fuck does this kitchen work. It does not help that finding shit in this kitchen is like a gigantic game of hide-and-go-seek, which I've never been good at.

Anyway, on to the lessons/reinforced tips!

- Always always check the kitchen for all your ingredients before you start thinking up a menu, even the most basic things. Last time it was "dear God, why is there no oil in the house?!" and tonight it was "mooootherfucker that is not bread, the third most important part of a PB&J and I don't have any." Yeah.

- Necessity (with a healthy dash of desperation) is the mother of invention. Or rather, mother of bullshitting what to actually make. Fell back to making tuna sandwiches, because I was hungry and they had more-or-less the correct ingredients. By which I mean tuna, mayo, onion, and a bit of salt & pepper. So glamorous.

- Creativity is good and all, but sometimes it's not worth it. There are things in the fridge. On plates and in jars. They just kinda... hang out in the fridge. I do not know how old they are or if they are expired because this refrigerator is the worst kept thing ever. They don't even cover their food before sticking it in the fridge.

- Then again, it's still good to try something new. Did you know that tuna sandwiches taste good with a bit of ketchup? I sure as hell didn't!

- If you wear glasses, wear them when you go make food. I don't care if you can kinda see well enough to make a sandwich, don't trust yourself in a strange environment that you are fumbling around in. You just know that shit's gonna happen like, oh I don't know, knocking over a glass butter container in the fridge so it smashes into a hundred pieces on the ground. :|

- Shoes are always a good thing to wear in a kitchen. Thank God I was wearing shoes.

- Give yourself a break from self-flagellation for things that are accidents. Mom isn't here to tut at you about something you should've known better. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

The keywords to this icon are especially appropriate today, but at least I've made food. May eat some of the cheesecake-pie gelato we have to calm myself down some. :|b

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