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Okay, I typed up a review on Tumblr so I'm just gonna copy-paste it here cuz I'm lazy

Oman I had SO MUCH FUN. This was my first time at this con, so I was much more relaxed about things, even though I was trying out new costumes. Basically, I was there to hang out with titillatingtubist (from now on referred to as Sara H) (Ilu) and cosplay terrible things partnered with her and without her. Our most concrete plans were to hit the DC photoshoot and the Marvel photoshoot, but that was about it.
Okay, more (really long) ramblings and some pics under the cut!

SATURDAY, I mostly did Kate Bishop (specifically her in this costume minus the mug and newspaper) from Matt Fraction's Hawkeye with Sara H as Clint Barton. She's done Clint before, that's actually what she was cosplaying the first time I met her, and I had just fallen in love with the series, so there you go. Here, have a picture of our backs cuz I love those signs a lot.

The DC photoshoot was on that day at 2 pm, so we met up (I somehow managed to miss the fuck-off-huge Baymax to the side of the gorram room, she judged me a lot), browsed through like two aisles of the Artist Alley, and then hoofed it over to her car to change into our costumes at the parking structure roof. Thuper thexy. Thankfully, we were masters at the PE locker room changing and had no audience around us. :|b

So after we changed, we went to where we thought the gathering was. We got to a group of superhero cosplayers getting their picture taken so we were like "Oh hey, this must be it, they're a bit early." Five minutes passed before I said out loud "Wait a minute... Spider-Man is Marvel." Yup. Us dumbasses were waiting around and staring at a group of Spider-Man cosplayers, thinking it was the DC meetup. Sob.

After we got to the ACTUAL gathering, I waffled on whether we should join in on the "good guys" photo, but Sara H went "We're good people! Let's go!" It was pretty obvious most of the people were super confused on who we were as we kinda awkwardly stood to the side and smiled. It wasn't until they announced a pose change that we looked at each other and then flopped on the floor. We were Bruce Wayne's dead parents. :)

image:) :) :) We're terrible people and don't feel sorry about it nope :) :) :)

Photo yoinked from Mat Lushchek's Flikr btw. Also, Idk if he accidentally caught me when I was smirking at all the "OH MY GOD"s coming from people or if my mouth just looks like that when down on the ground. \o_O/

ANYWAY, after that, we managed to grab a Batman cosplayer and a very nice photographer (Dave Lucchesi) to do a mini photoshoot outside next to a cop car. 8) While the pose itself was actually pretty relaxing (pretty sure Sara H took a nap while on the ground), I got bruises on my knees somehow so now I gotta deal with that, sob. Look forward to those pics in about 2 weeks or so, because the man has an actual day job and was doing the thing outta the goodness of his heart. Or for hilarity, who can tell.

We changed back after and waffled around the exhibit hall, where I managed to get lost TWICE cuz I left my phone in her car (sob sob sob). IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL, but I got to see beanclam and another Hawkeye duo (one of them being muffinthemighty) so I'm happy. OH YEAH, I ALSO GOT SOME SWAG but there wasn't that much stuff I really wanted to throw my money at. Went home feeling super accomplished cuz of cosplay!

On Sunday, I went with hipster pre-serum Steve Rogers and wow did I underestimate how long it'd take to do bruise makeup. My alarm glitched and didn't wake me up at the early time I set it to, so even with DST ending and giving me an extra hour, I missed the Captain America and Avengers portion of the Marvel gathering. Le sad. :( Oh well, I jumped in for the other group bits, which was pretty fun.

Uhhh, highlights that day were eating an excellent grilled cheese sandwich, huggling Sara H a lot, taking pics of her shooting a fire extinguisher at a statue of Iron Man (you'll understand when pics go up), hugging a super sweet Bucky Barnes cosplayer, taking more pics of cosplayers, and chatting about fake blood with a Will Graham (with bloody severed ear at hand) cosplayer. :)b

SO. Things I learned during this con:

1) How to put on more makeup than I've ever had at one time on my face oh my GOD. It took two hours to do this much. Welp. Now I know from now on how much time to allot to that.

2) How to make a black eye using regular makeup! Which was fun but time-consuming. Also, I needta get better matte makeup, cuz this wasn't cutting it (plus some of it was my sister's, whoops).

3) How to walk around in skinny jeans, which I still haven't gotten a hang of yet. How do people wear this without it feeling super weird, like I feel like I need to penguin waddle when walking cuz everything feels all tight in the middle. IDK.

4) I'm no longer young enough to bounce back from things like lying on the cold, hard ground or running around in boots with not-so-great ankle supportage without pains hours after. Ow ow ow.

5) I'm def going to this con again next year, if only cuz I love watching the different costumes fans come up with.

Pics of cosplay that include costumes I liked (Vegas Showgirl Godzilla), characters I liked (there is an entire section or two devoted to Captain America WHAT I LIKE SHOULD BE PRETTY OBVIOUS AT THAT POINT), friends (♥), and me can be found starting from here with links to the other parts.

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